1/12 SUPER DUCK SDMINI002 Fantasy Fighting Goddess Custom Kit

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(1) This product does not contain a figure body, recommended body type is TBLeague 1/12 T03A (#pale)
(2) The actual release time of Super Duck products is normally delayed than the ETA. Ordering after the release is recommended if you do not accept delays.

Packing List:
Product Details:
Head Sculpt x 1
Sleeves x 1 pair
White Fitness bra x1
Black Fitness bra x1
Tactical strap x1
Belt x1
Waist pockets X2
Short skirt x1
Underwear x1
Arm armor x1
Fist armor x1
Sphere bracerx1
Hands x4
Stockings x 1 Pair
Boots x 1 Pair