Mastermind Creations R-42C D-Zef Deathsaurus G1 Version

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R-42C D-Zef Continuum is a Reformatted Scale figure that is approximately Reformatted Scale Scale, stands 10-inches tall in robot mode and transforms from Dragon to robot and back.   Mastermind Creations R-42C D-Zef Continuum is classic animation inspired, this monster goes from dragon mode to menacing robot, joined in battle by his mini beasts. Poseable double jointed elbows and knees plus the ab crunch and openable wings. Nihilism is his middle name, dealing out destruction with his giant blade! This will be one of MMC's greatest achievements with a high part count and solid materials.

Mastermind Creations reformatted line ranges from smaller, approximately deluxe-scale figures to the much larger leader class figures. With impeccable quality and masterful construction, each Mastermind Creations 3rd party figure features highly articulated joints and diecast parts, not to mention a beautiful color scheme unique to each figure in the line. On top of that, Mastermind Creations figures are set at the perfect price point for collectors. 

Product Features

  • 10 inches tall (25.40cm) beast mode
  • Made of plastic
  • Transforms from robot to dragon
  • Double jointed elbows and knees 
  • Ab crunch
  • Openable wings
  • Mace can attach to gun

Box Contents

  • D-Zef figure
  • Mini tiger figure
  • Mini eagle figure
  • Sword
  • Gun
  • Mace
  • Alternate head
  • Manual
  • Comic
  • Bio card