Devil Toys Mecha Will Rise SP01 Pumpkin Jacko 1/6 Scale Figure

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Mecha Will Rise is a figure line of advanced radical mechanical soldiers from Devil Toys. Each figure is highly detailed featuring a wide range of motion and custom-tailored attire.

Since Jacko witnessed his mother killing his alcoholic father to protect himself on Halloween night when he was a child, he has developed a split personality from this trauma. Every Halloween, he will transform into a pumpkin head to protect children and orphans on the street from any danger.

Because of his excellent melee skills, he was discovered by HIVE's AI and recruited to MWR, but because of the problem of his split personality, he was still unable to join the task force. Captain Carbine had to reassign him into an independent team to carry out difficult special tasks.

Product Features

  • 1/6 Scale 
  • Made of plastic
  • Part of Mecha Will Rise series
  • Custom-tailored clothing
  • Original design
  • Highly articulated

Box Contents

  • Pumpkin Jacko figure
  • Pumpkin head
  • 2 Pairs of alternate hands
  • Gauntlet
  • Transforming sickle
  • 2 Swords
  • Pumpkin bomb
  • 2 Smoke grenades