[Pre-Order] Vertex Elf Village 12th Villager Lulunya 1/6 Scale Figure

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  • Brand: Vertex
  • Type: toy
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The classic bikini armor elf has joined Vertex's original figure series "Elf Village"! The design was done by Nidy-2D-. He is well known for his illustrations of mecha and beautiful girls, but this time he drew a fantasy elf that is perfect.

Lurunya is a hard worker who trains hard every day, longing to leave her village and go on an adventure into the wide world. She's just a bit out of place, so her fellow swordsman Sylvia is often disappointed. Her hobby is looking at maps and dreaming about adventures (delusions).

The Limited Edition version of this figure includes an alternate worried head portrait along with alternate arms pieces showing a broken shield and sword.

Product Features

  • 9.84 inches (25cm)
  • Made of PVC, ABS
  • Based on the Elf Village original figure series
  • Highly detailed
  • Non-articulated

Box Contents

  • Lulunya figure
  • Removable wings
  • Alternate head portrait (Limited Edition)
  • Alternate right arm with broken shield (Limited Edition)
  • Alternate left arm with broken sword (Limited Edition)
  • Art card (Limited Edition)