[Pre-Order] King Arts 1/6 DFS081 The Wandering Earth 2 FRAMER Fighting Version

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King Arts 1/6 DFS081 The Wandering Earth 2 FRAMER Fighting Version

Material: ABS, Alloy
Scale: 1/6

- Metallic texture, ultimate restoration.
- Golden ratio, protect your beloved 1/6 figure.
- Super tall and long legs, metal sprayed, ultimate luxury.
- Shoulder joint: hydraulic pipe structure + thigh spring shock absorber to achieve universal steering.
- Knee joint and hip joint: gear structure, stable and reliable.
- Door guard: There are three rotating shafts for the left and right doors, which are convenient for storage. They are magnetically combined and can be pulled down to lock to restore the movie scene.
- Left and right thighs: Magnetic change, easy conversion between normal version and weapon version.
- Gatling gun set: snap-on design for stable conversion.
- Stun gun set: double ball design, greater steering.
- Footer: Built-in Y-axis/propeller, restore underwater diving, slide forward and backward, and play with more shapes. With the addition of a Z-axis, the footboard is closer to the ground.
- Heel: slide up and down, slide up to turn on the play mode, slide down to lock and stand more stable.
- Scanner: Manual steering, emitting red and white light, restoring movie scenes in water.
- Base: Magnetic design, easy to take and place.

Estimated Releasing Date: 3rd Quarter 2024