[Pre-Order] Maestro Union FuRay Planet Kensai the Nameless One 1/12 Scale Figure

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FuRay Planet is an imaginary planet which full of anthropomorphic characters, in a modern time society with different countries and cities. Every character has their own job and role to play. Between characters or groups, everyone has a connection or conflict like in our society. Under this very new world outlook, Maestro Union presents a series of action figures with mature designs, detailed painting and higher posability for 1/12 scale action figures. Each figure also comes with a physical comic book.

The 4th Character's name is “Kensai the Nameless One”, and comes from the FuRay Planet series comic. A sword master with two swords from the east realm, he keeps a striking secret, being chased by criminal gang whom want to profit from it. He is good friends with Weng even though they've been opponents for life. Finally before he dies, he gifts the secret to Weng. You can find out more of the story from the physical comic book that comes with the figure.

Product Features

  • 8.66 inches tall (22cm)
  • 1/12 Scale
  • Made of PVC and POM
  • Based on the FuRay Planet comic
  • Highly detailed
  • 26 Points of articulation
  • Interchangeable parts and accessories

Box Contents

  • Kensai the Nameless One figure
  • 8 Alternate hand parts
  • 4 Masks
  • 2 Swords
  • 2 Sheaths
  • 2 Sword Effects
  • Helmet
  • Bamboo hat
  • Straw rain cape
  • Comic book

Estimated Releasing Date: October 2023