DNA Design DK-29 Gear Master Accessory Series Upgrade Kit

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Are you ready to take your Transformers collection to the next level? DNA Designs has got just what you need to complete your assortment of Transformers figures with their DK-29 Upgrade Kit.  

DK-29 WFC Kingdom Upgrade Kit has everything you need to upgrade your Transformers WFC Kingdom WFC-K5 Deluxe Blackarachnia, WFC-K18 Voyager Dinobot, and WFC-K23 Deluxe Scorponok (figures sold separately).

DNA Designs upgrade kits are designed using modern manufacturing techniques and are constructed of durable quality plastic perfect for that touch of realism you’re looking for in your upgrade kit.

Note: All figures shown sold separately.

Product Features

  • Third party upgrade
  • Made of plastic
  • Compatible with WFC-K5, WFC-K18, and WFC-K23
  • An array of accessories and weapons for customizing
  • Figures not included

Box Contents

  • 2 Bandoliers
  • Stone axe
  • 2 Handguns with mounts
  • Rifle
  • Eyepiece
  • Grapple
  • Wire
  • The Golden Record with stand
  • 2 Alternate dinosaur hands/feet