DNA Design DK-04 Fortress Maximus Foot Upgrade Kit

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Please note: This aftermarket accessory piece is not produced or associated with Hasbro or Takara and is not a Transformers brand toy. These custom pieces are intended to further enhance the enjoyment of your existing Transformer collection.

Please note: The Fortress Maximus figure is not included; this is just the upgrade kit.

The DK-04 Upgrade Kit is an add on meant to enhance the Titans Return Fortress Maximus and includes a more accurate elevator mechanism cover, new hip ratchets, and a set of slippers that double as helipads in the alternate modes. 

Product Features

  • Upgrade kit for transforming figures
  • Includes elevator mechanism cover, hip ratchets, and set of slippers that double as helipads in alternate modes

Box Contents

  • DK-04 upgrade kit
    • Elevator mechanism cover
    • Hip ratchets
    • Set of slippers or helipads