Takara Tomy Diaclone Garuda Versaulter Gyrolifter Unit

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A composite tactical mover developed for the purpose of increasing the overall fighter power of a single aircraft under all circumstances. The basic frame is made of light mass alloy, and it provides excellent close-quarters combat power even when equipped with standard electromagnetic armor (shoulder and shin). The official name is ABBREVIATED AS GARUDA-V.A. > < GARUDA-V.A.

The fuselage color of the standard model is medium gray. The overall attack potential is dramatically improved by equipping the multipurpose fighter movement unit which has advanced aerial mobility and the ability to carry combat support vehicles, and the land and air two-pronged all-out attack maneuver by the composed of multiple Garda aircraft is a spectacular fighter movement deployed in the final phase of the operation.

The is a hybrid fighter movement unit based on the functions of a flight-specific module. It consists of a tail boom unit equipped with a left and right tiltrotor type flight propulsion unit and a deployable lift arm carrying a combat support vehicle, and the tail boom section detaches and functions as an independent pursuit drone aircraft. TM aircraft equipped with this will be able to perform complex fighter movements without gaps while wearing all-round combat support from the ground and the air.

The main armament is the FZ rocket launcher in the gyro spinner part and the FZ pulse beam cannon at the tip of the tail boom / drone aircraft. Only when connected to the TM machine, the tail boom can be deployed forward to change to heavy attack mode, and a one-hit attack beam that releases 80% of all remaining energy at once.

Product Features

  • 1/60 Scale
  • Made of ABS, MABS, POM, and PVC
  • Part of the Diaclone brand
  • Can convert between 3 modes: Machine, Mech, Heavy Mobility Mecha
  • Interchangeable parts and accessories
  • Fully articulated
  • Instructions may or may not include English translation

Box Contents

  • TM-14 Main Unit
  • Bullet module
  • Flight unit
  • Drone unit
  • Vehicle
  • 2 Weapons (A)
  • Weapon B (right)
  • Weapon B (left)
  • 2 Runner parts
  • Diaclone member ver.2 figure
  • Pamphlet
  • Instructions