CDL CDL-01 RC Arcee

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  • Brand: CDL
  • Type: toy
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CDL 3rd Party Figures figures take your collection to the next level with CDL-01 RC.  CDL-01 RC transforms from a futursitic car to robot and back.  This bot stands an impressive 7.1 inches tall in robot mode.

CDL-01 RC also comes with incredibile design detail and impressive array of attachable accessories.

Product Features

  • Made of plastic
  • Transforms from robot to car
  • Highly articulated
  • Several accessories

Box Contents

  • CDL-01 RC figure
  • Alternate style head sculpt
  • Goggles
  • Open mouth face plate
  • 7 Interchangeable hands
  • Soft Chest replacement
  • Pistol
  • Sword
  • Arrow
  • Connector