ToysMage TM01 Beast War Megatron

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ToysMage TM01 Beast War Megatron

Material: ABS
Heights: 25cm/ 9.84"

*There is no LED for the laser ray effect part anymore.
There are no three transparent pieces anymore.

Some improvements for the next batch:
1) Increase “Yes! Yes!” sound effects
2) Improve painting
3) Fix some defects on the waist

By the 4th party brand Toysmage. The figure is MP scale and improved a lot from the original MP43 Megatron, has sound effects, lit up eye and many more new features

- The sound effects now include Japanese and English version
- So fixes from the original version, like loose waist,
- Add lit-up eyes, the head can be also rotated at the same time
- Add remake Transparent parts.