[Pre-Order] HIYA Exquisite Mini Series 1/18 Scale 4 Inch G.I.Joe Gung-Ho Action Figure

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  • Brand: HIYA
  • Type: toy
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HIYA Exquisite Mini Series 1/18 Scale 4 Inch G.I.Joe Gung-Ho Action Figure

Material: ABS
Height: 11.0cm / 4.3"

A tireless brawler who is physically incapable of experiencing fear, Gung-Ho punches first and lets someone else clean up the mess. A genetic anomaly that inhibits his fear response makes him willing to enter any situation, no matter the personal danger. His bayou roots – and the skills he honed there – make him a perfect selection for missions involving jungle or swamp terrain, as well as solo and small-group reconnaissance.

This Marine was so proud to his affiliation that he charged into combat with bluish-green camo pants and open chested vest, displaying a giant Marine Corps crest across his chest. Gung-Ho's combat suit is equipped with multiple pockets and hooks, allowing him to carry various tactical gear and tools.
In terms of accessories, Gung-Ho comes with his signature grenade launcher, shotgun and more, and even a backpack for players to freely load weapons, which all are finely etched even at the 1/18 scale. Stands at 110mm high, features 19 points of articulation, offers a wide range of dynamic poses. With additional 2x interchangeable hand parts, you can display it in different stances.
Furthermore, an exclusive G.I. Joe series display base is included, simulating a battle-scarred ground with scattered bullet shells and debris, enabling you to recreate a realistic battlefield atmosphere in the comfort of your home!
Estimated Releasing Date: Q3 2024