[Pre-Order] HIYA Exquisite Basic Series None Scale 6 Inch Godzilla King of the Monsters Rodan Flameborn Action Figure

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  • Brand: HIYA
  • Type: toy
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The story follows Monarch believes Godzilla and some other Titans to be benevolent and is against killing them. When Alan Jonah and his men steal the ORCA and awaken Monster Zero, they are unable to stop it from being unleashed, after it awakens many of the other dormant Titans around the globe and bends them to his will. Rodan strikes with overwhelming momentum on Mara Island as one of the awakened Titans.

Multiple layers of paint capture details of body, with fluorescent coatings applied to wings and head. Under UV light, a yellow glow emanates, vividly depicting the effect of molten lava, as if Rodan is about to flap its wings, roar into the night, and illuminate the darkness.
This brand new Rodan Flameborn action figure has 15.74 inches wingspan Featuring 13 points of articulation throughout the body, the wings benefit from a combination of PVC material and built-in wires, enhancing poseability while allowing adjustments to the wing's swinging angle.
Supported by a dedicated base, the figure can recreate Rodan's imposing aerial maneuvers seen in the movie. The overall design captures the majestic presence of Rodan, ready to soar through the skies and dominate the night.

Estimated Releasing Date: Q3 2024