[Pre-Order] Maestro Union Operation: Monster Force Kiloworg Night Hunter (Deluxe) 1/12 Scale Action Figure

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The Kiloworg were once soldiers of fortune, kidnapped by Dr. Tannis Rand and subjected to the "Salve of the Beast" - an ancient ointment used to create the first werewolf. It has made them into devastating killing machines. A single Kiloworg in its werewolf state is more than a match one-on-one with any member of Delta Red. On the night of a full moon, they may even be capable of defeating Dracula himself. They can resume their human appearance for certain periods of time, allowing them to infiltrate undetected until it's too late. As former private military, they are well trained in tactics and armed combat, usually carrying assault weapons into battle. But when they get close enough to engage hand to hand, they become truly unstoppable. The Salve of the Beast was designed to create monsters loyal to some long forgotten demigod or warlord. Therefore, the Kiloworg are unfailingly obedient to Dr. Rand, presumably unto death. If there is a way to reverse the effects of their lycanthropy, we have yet to learn it. In the interim, silver ordinance has been requisitioned for all members of Delta Red and Blackwatch. A single bullet won't drop a Kiloworg, but perhaps an entire magazine will.

Product Features

  • 8.26 inches (21cm)
  • 1/12 Scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Part of the Operation: Monster Force series
  • Original figure design
  • 32 Points of articulation
  • Wide variety of weapons and accessories
  • Each figure comes in fifth-panel window box package with origin story comic printed on the inner flap

Box Contents

  • Kiloworg Night Hunter figure
  • 2 Alternate heads
  • 4 Alternate hands
  • Duster coat
  • Machine Gun
  • Vest
  • Arm Blade
  • Back strap
  • Bullet belt
  • Hip part
  • Thigh parts
  • Upper arm parts

Estimated Releasing Date: 3th Quarter 2024

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I have already made a reservation. Looking forward to receiving it, I can't wait anymore


It looks better than the original color and white produced before


Night Hunter is so cool


Good figure