[Pre-Order] HIYA Exquisite Mini Series 1/18 Scale 4 Inch The Walking Dead Dead City Walker King Action Figure

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  • Marca: HIYA
  • Modelo: toy
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HIYA Exquisite Mini Series 1/18 Scale 4 Inch The Walking Dead Dead City Walker King Action Figure

Material: ABS
Height: 10.9cm / 4.3"

In June 2023, the sequel series【The Walking Dead: Dead City】 premiered, revealing Negan as a wanted man for killing law enforcement officers and four others. Meanwhile, Maggie's base is ravaged by the Croat, and her son Hershel is kidnapped.

To seek Negan's help, Maggie gives Ginny who is Negan's young companion a home in exchange for Maggie and Negan embarking on an adventure to Manhattan. The isolated city, bombed by the military in the virus outbreak, awaits them as an abandoned island infested with walkers.

There, they confront a formidable foe—the Walker King, a grotesque amalgamation of multiple walkers, slime, decayed fat, and other putrid substances. In a fierce battle, Maggie grapples with the monstrous entity as its mouths and arms relentlessly attack, an onslaught of nightmares closing in on her.

This brand new Walker King action figure stands 109mm tall, faithfully depicting its bloody and terrifying appearance. The upper body features extensive weathering and damage, with exposed decayed flesh at the chest and abdomen, creating a gruesome effect. Covered in scars, bloodstains, and signs of decay, every detail of the figure is perfectly reproduced even at a 1/18 scale.

With 38 articulation points throughout the body, it allows for various dynamic poses. Multiple layers of paint capture the rotten, sticky, and damp state of the Walker King. Its bloated body, incorporating other walkers within, and the emergence of a dual-headed, multi-armed form elevate the horror, showcasing its formidable malevolence.

Additionally, the figure includes a randomly selected exclusive stand from four different appearances, replicating scenes of scattered bodies remains and muddy grounds, providing an immersive experience of the most thrilling bloodbath!
Estimated Releasing Date: Q3 2024