[Pre-Order] HIYA Exquisite Basic Series None Scale 14 Inch Godzilla King of the Monsters King Ghidorah Gravity Beam Ver. Action Figure

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  • Marca: HIYA
  • Modelo: toy
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In the film Ghidorah is first seen frozen in Antarctic ice at Outpost 32. He was freed by Emma Russell and Alan Jonah's team as part of their plan to manipulate the Titans and renew the world's ecosphere.Proving impossible to control Ghidorah with the ORCA, he temporarily succeeded in usurping Godzilla's dominance, spontaneously awakening the other Titans and commanding them to begin destroying both humanity and the world's ecosystems.

The new EXQUISITE BASIC Ghidorah Gravity Beam Ver. Action figure based on Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019). With multiple layers of metallic golden painting, features accurate details to faithfully capture its on-screen appearance, even the different details of 3 head sculpts. Stands 350mm tall, has 560mm wingspan. With multiple joints throughout the body, allowing you to recreate various poses. Additional 3x 'Gravity Beams' effect parts come with the figure, allowing you to recreate Ghidorah's iconic battle poses from the film.

Estimated Releasing Date: Q2 2024