[Pre-Order] HIYA Exquisite Mini Series 1/18 Scale 4 Inch G.I.Joe Xamot Action Figure

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  • Marca: HIYA
  • Modelo: toy
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HIYA Exquisite Mini Series 1/18 Scale 4 Inch G.I.Joe Xamot Action Figure

Material: ABS
Height: 10.5cm / 4.13"

As commanders of Cobra's Crimson Guard, Xamot is known as the Crimson Twin. They are insatiable and manipulative, using their expert law and financial knowledge to wound enemies in court and executive sessions.
This brand-new Xamot action figure stands at 105mm in height. Based on the original appearance of the G.I. Joe, wearing a blue and red battle suit with silver Cobra logo on his chest, armor with snake scale elements, sheathes attached to both belts and legs, all perfectly integrated with the figure, further enhancing his role as a commander of the Cobra's elite troops. Scar along Xamot's face separates him from Tomax. Xamot shares most common parts with brother, but unique in portraits, shoulder pads and sheathes.
In terms of accessories, Xamot comes with SMG, 2X iconic wavy blades and more, with fine details
even in the 1/18 scale. With 19 joints, utilizes a design supporting extensive articulation,
accompanied by 2x interchangeable hand parts, allowing to recreate a variety of poses. The figure also comes with a unique base, simulating a war-torn ground with scattered bullet shells and debris, allowing you to recreate an authentic battlefield atmosphere right in your own home!

Estimated Releasing Date: Q4 2024