[Pre-Order] Maestro Union FuRay Planet Panda Brother Yin 1/12 Scale Figure

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Panda brothers YIN and YANG were born to parents who are both doctors. These two brothers are both interested in medical sicence, but they have different understandings for the medical arts. They get angry with one another and treat each other like enemies. Older brother Yin believes QI is the original source of spirit. He studies body acupoint and herbal medicine to condition QI and blood. Younger brother Yang follows his understanding that a strong body is the foundation of life. He focuses on Chinese boxing and is good at surgery, bonesetting massage, as well as operative treatment and anesthesiology. These two new characters will appear in the included comic book. Together they will join the members of the main character team in building more exciting stories.

Product Features

  • 8.26 inches tall (21cm)
  • 1/12 Scale
  • Made of PVC and POM
  • Based on the FuRay Planet comic series
  • 23 Points of articulation
  • Interchangeable parts and accessories
  • Highly detailed

Box Contents

  • Yin figure
  • 2 Head sculpts
  • 10 Alternate hands
  • Wine calabash
  • Medicine calabash
  • Walking stick
  • Fishing rod
  • Medicine pack basket
  • 5 Medicine jars
  • Medicine bag
  • 2 Bracelets
  • Comic book

Estimated Releasing Date:2nd Quarter 2024

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
van Zoelen

Maestro Union figures designs great merchandise!


Making the other one fearsome-looking and this being old, serene and kind was simply genius.


A great designer, a great idea